Workshops, Seminars, Services

Drawing on his education, training and experience, Chris Marano offers a variety of workshops, seminars and services in herbalism, holistic health, meditation/mindfulness and stress reduction, as well as consultation services for those wishing assessment of their land for botanical medicines and potential for medicine gardens.

Classes, workshops and seminars suitable for private groups, educational institutions (schools, colleges, libraries), health institutions (health centers, spas, and clinics, health stores and cooperatives, senior centers), conferences and festivals, corporations and businesses.

Land assessment services are suitable for private residences, farms, land trusts and anyone in the Northeast region requiring help identifying presence of or potential for medicinal botanicals, valuable native plants, and help designing and creating medicinal gardens.

Herbal & Holistic Health Classes Workshops
Food as Medicine
Making Sense of Herbal Information
Beyond Prevention
Strengthening The Immune System
Dealing With Stress
Holistic Approaches to Lyme Disease 
Holistic Approaches to ADD
Holistic Approaches to Allergies
Holistic Approaches To Diabetes &Hypoglycemia
Kitchen Apothecary: Creating Herbal Remedies

Outdoor Workshops & “Weed” Walks
Backyard Medicinal Herbs
Herb Walk: Wild Plants and their Uses
Ethical Wildcrafting
Herb Gathering & The Lunar Calendar
Opening to the Wisdom of the Plant World
Seasonal Habitat Herb and Nature Walks

Outdoor Services
Botanical Land Surveys
Creating Medicinal Gardens

Mindfulness, Meditation, & Stress Reduction
Awareness, Breath, and Body
Mindfulness & Awareness Skills 

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