Welcome to Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine!

We offer a diverse and engaging range of workshops, classes, courses and programs for herbal enthusiasts of all interest levels. Whether interested in herbal field and identification knowledge, gardening or wildcrafting, theoretical or hands-on, herbal knowledge for self and family, or programs to learn community or clinical herbalism, Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine has what you are looking for.


From the beginning, Chris has held true to his conviction that matters of spirit, mind and heart cannot be separated from matters of physical health, and his classes and courses are imbued with that essence from all of his study, experience, professional work and personal practice in Western, Asian, and Native American healing traditions. His deep connection to the natural world and commitment to sustainable practices also weaves its way into all that is taught at Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine.   Soon, we will be offering the majority of these classes in an online format.
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