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Lemon Balm Benefits & A Video of Its Harvest

This video shows the gathering of lemon balm, and we discuss some of the lemon balm benefits people use this plant forĀ  Here we are on July 4th, standing by lemon balm, or Melissa officinalis, another wonderful mint. Its aroma is one of the most pleasant smells to...

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Learning Celandine Uses to Work With The Plant Effectively

If you notice, one of the key distinguishing features of this is this orangy-yellow sap that is always present when you break the stem, and that’s part of the medicine and also part of the signature. When you see the color yellow, that indicates that it may have use for the liver, gallbladder and the digestive system, and in fact, this is one of the major celandine uses. I use celandine in small doses of powerful medicine to help with congested liver issues, and especially for the gallbladder.

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Japanese Knotweed Uses: Areas Where This Plant Can Help

Today we are going over some Japanese knotweed uses. Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) is a superstar medicine coming out of Asia, obviously from the name. It is seriously invasive here in North America now and elsewhere, however, as a medicinal herb, the root being the main medicine, it is unparalleled in what it can do and it’s diverse in its actions.

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Use Online Herbal Medicine Courses to Learn at Your Own Pace

Anything that is theoretical, philosophical, intellectual translates well to online herbal medicine courses. The understanding of anatomy, physiology, pattern recognition, lenses, and the basic foundational principles that underlie the different modalities translate well to online herbal medicine courses. Anything where we’re talking about how people work with health and imbalance translates really, really well to the online format. Whether there is a live webinar portion or not, a lot can be done through just PDF files and audio, and in some cases visual.

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Understanding Herbal Diuretics for Herbal Medicine Practitioners

We classify herbal diuretics under a couple of large categories such as irritating and non-irritating diuretics. Irritating herbal diuretics stimulate the kidneys to produce more urine. These herbal diuretics are actually irritating the kidneys towards urination, and for that reason we would not want to utilize these particular herbs on a constitutional basis or on a long-term basis.

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Recognizing Herbalist Tools to Enhance Your Herbal Practices

People are enamored with computers, but the brain is still the most amazing computer we have. Yes, it is fallible, but it’s also incredibly supple and subtle. Maybe someday AI will surpass us in that way, but in the meantime, there’s no computer that can be as intuitively empathetic and sympathetically capable of being with a person and understanding their plight with their stress when they’re worried. This is why a knowledgeable practitioner is one of the best herbalist tools.

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Discovering Herbs for Kidney Health

These herbs for kidney health offer a variety of healthful attributes, including nourishing, strengthening, toning and tonifying the kidneys and bladder Before getting into herbs for kidney health, we must first consider the kidneys. When herbalists speak of the...

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