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Herbal Medicine Making: Hawthorn Tincture

This article provides a look at herbal medicine making with hawthorn tincture as an example A well-stocked apothecary is central to an herbalist’s craft. Making medicine is a passion of mine, and so my apothecary is fairly extensive - about 300 herbs - the majority of...

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Mints for the Mind: Anti-Anxiety Herbs

Did you know that the mint family includes a variety of anti-anxiety herbs? I make an herbal formula called Calm Focus, which is designed to help people do and feel exactly as the name suggests. I am not sure what is happening in the minds and hearts of people these...

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Plant Attunement: How-to Instructions

The process of Plant Attunement is always similar. First, set the intention and create sacred space. We are already quieting down as we walk towards our destination. We also smudge with sage or cedar and give thanks to all or relations in the seven directions. This...

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Herbs for Kidney Health

These kidney herbs offer a variety of healthful attributes, including nourishing, strengthening, toning and tonifying the kidneys and bladder.   When herbalists speak of the kidneys, you must be prepared to ask what they mean. My classes view plants through three to...

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