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Herbs and Recommendations for Winter Restoration

Deep winter is here. Most of us know – somewhere in the back of our heads – that winter is a time for more rest, a time to restore. This is sage advice no matter what year it is. But 2020 has been no ordinary year. The world situation is tumultuous, the US even more so. Political polarization has raised anxiety, anger and sadness levels to new highs, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. And then there is COVID.

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Herbal Medicine Making: Hawthorn Tincture

This article provides a look at herbal medicine making with hawthorn tincture as an example A well-stocked apothecary is central to an herbalist’s craft. Making medicine is a passion of mine, and so my apothecary is fairly extensive - about 300 herbs - the majority of...

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