Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I successfully complete your herbal program, will I receive a certificate?

A: Yes, a certificate is available for the successful completion of the Community Herbalism (first two levels) and Clinical Herbalism (third level) track.

Q: If I successfully complete your herbal program, will I be (or can I then become) a legal, licensed herbalist?

A: No. There is no such thing as a legal or licensed herbalist in the United States. Licenses do not exist. Herbalism falls into the gray area of being a-legal in the United States. Herbalism at this point is not regulated by a governing body.


Do you guarantee a job post completion of Clearpath Herbal Community and Clinical Herbal program.

A: No. Herbalism is for all intents and purposes a new ‘industry’ populated by resourceful and hardworking self-employed entrepreneurs who are passionate about plant medicines and holistic health. You, like most clinical and community herbalists that have become before you, are left to your own ingenuity, resourcefulness, commitment, dedication and diligence to become whatever you want to be.


Q: Are their loans or financial aid available for Clearpath School of Herbalism courses and classes?

A: No, at this time there is no financial aid package available for prospective students.

Q: Is Clearpath School of Herbalism an accredited institution?

A: No, Clearpath School of Herbalism is not an official, accredited institution.

But I have heard that UMass students and Five-College students (Amherst, Hampshire, Holyoke, UMass, Smith) can receive academic credit for courses, classes, workshops and independent  projects. Is this true or false?

A: That is true. Chris Marano has an arrangement with certain departments and programs at UMass-Five Colleges that enable qualifying students to gain academic credit for successfully completing course work at Clearpath School of Herbalism that is relevant toward their university or college major they are taking.

Q: If I wish to apply Clearpath Herbals course study to academic credit at UMass-Five Colleges, does that mean I am exempt from having to pay Clearpath Herbal tuition?

A: No. Clearpath Herbals does not have a financial relationship with UMass-Five Colleges. You must pay the tuition for Clearpath Herbal classes or courses regardless of your financial arrangement with your college/university.

Q: Can I start immediately on the Integrated Experiential Immersion (IEI) path/program?

A: No. Everyone, no matter what their ultimate intention or desire, starts as a Certificate Path/Program student.

Q: What does it take to be accepted into the Integrated Experiential Immersion (IEI) path/program?

A: First, a clear written and verbal intention in the application. Second, participating fully in the six-month trial period requirements, which includes taking two full Materia Medica courses, one Foundations course, and participating regularly at Monday Clearpath Medicine Garden group workdays and weekend wildcrafting events. Finally, undergoing an ongoing interview and check-in/progress process with Chris Marano.

Q: If I apply for the IEI program, and complete the courses and regularly attend the activities designated as requirements of the trial period, does that automatically mean that I will be accepted 6 months later?

A: No, There is no guarantee, for a couple of reasons. First, there are only eight spaces available as an entry-level IEI student, and if there are more applicants than available space, not everyone can be accepted. Second, the 6-month trial period also includes an ongoing getting-to-know-each-other interview phase, and if during or at the end of that period of time Chris Marano feels that the association will not fit or serve the greater good of Clearpath Herbals, than he reserves the right to say no, even if space is available. You still, however, receive a certificate if you successfully complete the required courses for the Certificate Program.

Q: If I am accepted to the IEI program after the six month trial period, do I have to start all over again and take courses I have already taken.

A: No. Everyone who starts taking classes is automatically on the Certificate Path program. All classes already taken and successfully completed will be counted, and any tuition already paid will be applied to the IEI tuition.

Q: Do I get a different certificate for completing the IEI program?

A: No. You take the same number of classes that Certificate Program students take, and the certificate is awarded for successfully completing classes and courses. IEI students are required/ to keep a portfolio of their ongoing activities and accomplishments with Clearpath Herbals and Chris Marano, and that serves as the acknowledgment.

Q: If I am on the Certificate Path, must I commit to all three levels?

A: No. Your agreement to follow the Certificate Program/Path is level by level, and is purely a time and financial agreement and commitment. It is your decision to continue from Level 1 to Level 2, and from Level 2 to Level 3. And it is in your best financial and educational interest to complete the required coursework in the time allotted.

Q: If I am an IEI student, must I commit to all three levels?

A: No. It is the same as if you were a Certificate Path student. See answer directly above.


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