September 10, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Clearpath Medicine Gardens
119 Old Sunderland Rd
Montague, MA 01351
Chris Marano

Plant Attunement is a term used to describe sitting with a plant, and settling the chatting and skeptical mind in order to allow for direct communication/connection with the plant.

I’m not trying to convince anyone of the validity of this process. The percentage of times that it has worked — 100% —  has put to rest any doubts I may have had that this works.

It has worked with 60 unprepared students in the winter in a classroom on the second floor of a school building, with fluorescent lights on vinyl floors while sitting around plants in pots that hardly anyone but me and my assistants had any clue about.

The responses and information that come from people’s experiences over a 20-minute period while being led by someone on frame drum or gong is draw dropping … every time.

Here I want to speculate briefly on what I believe is going on when plant attunement is happening. Indigenous wisdom and many spirit traditions tells us that the Earth and indeed the entire Universe is conscious. Physics and spirit-based science tells us that all of creation is based and built on vibration. Every molecule of our bodies are simultaneously transmitters and receivers/antennae, especially so our six sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body/skin and discriminating mind) and chakras.

This human technology is intrinsically part of us, and everyone uses it every moment we are aware, though rarely in our culture is it taught as a skill to be developed and honed. Plant attunement is a sublime way in which to practice it.

Join us for Plant Attunement / Gongs in the Garden:
Sunday, September 10, 2017
1 – 4 pm
Clearpath Herbal Medicine Gardens: 119 Old Sunderland Rd, Montague, MA

Pre-registration encouraged; contact Chris@ClearpathHerbals.com.

Work with medicinal herbs and therapeutic sound is work with consciousness.

Sound has a deep link to emotionality, the subconscious, and physiology. We as humans are electric beings, constantly in motion. We are vibration, we are sound. The frequency depicts the nature.

With infinite possibilities, the gong is the universe. It holds the power of creation within its parameters. It resonates our cells and allows us to listen with the pores of our bodies and our bones within.

Gongs as part of Plant Attunement may open us up to deeper possibilities. The sounds of the gong can bring us into meditative states of consciousness, leading to different perspectives. This will be my intention while playing the gong.

Please join us for a special edition of Plant Attunement with Gongs in the Garden on Sunday, September 10th, from 1pm – 4pm at the Clearpath Gardens, 119 Old Sunderland Rd, Montague, MA.

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