Cultivating the Healer Within: A diverse and comprehensive set of theory and skills to help better understand humans and herbs. Cultivating tools, awareness skills, theoretical and hands-on learning, and different lenses for understanding, integrating, balancing and healing ourselves, and in so doing, building a solid foundation upon which to help others to do the same.

All Classes in Western Massachusetts

Note: All First-Level courses are available to the general public First Level Certificate Program Requirements: Students following the certificate program track must successfully complete the following courses to become eligible to move on to the Second Level:

Level 1 Curriculum | Cultivating the Healer Within


DOTFoundations of Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Indoor course offered in the spring (Ten Wednesday classes, 5:30-9:30PM)               Clearpath_buttons-course-description

DOTFoundations of Western Herbal Medicine:

Indoor course offered in the fall (Ten Wednesday classes, 5:30-9:30PM)                    Clearpath_buttons-course-description

DOTMateria Medica:

Indoor course offered four times per year (Three classes, Wed. 5:30-8:30PM).         Clearpath_buttons-course-description
Certificate students must complete four units.

DOTHerbal Preparations:

Students must complete two herbal preparations classes.                                           Clearpath_buttons-course-description
(Indoor half-day classes)

DOTOpening to the Wisdom of the Plant World:

An Indigenous Language of Plants:                                                                                  Clearpath_buttons-course-description
(Outdoor two-class course offered in the summer).

DOTWildcrafting Immersion:

Students must participate regularly during the wildcrafting season                           Clearpath_buttons-course-description
(Outdoor and ongoing from April to November)

DOTSeasonal Habitat, Herb & Sensory Awareness Walks:

Students must attend at least half of the scheduled walks. (Outdoor Classes).          Clearpath_buttons-course-description

DOTPlant Attunement:

Students must attend at least half of the yearly scheduled classes.                              Clearpath_buttons-course-description
(Outdoor and indoor class offered once per month)

DOTClearpath Gardens:

Students must regularly attend Monday group garden work day                                 Clearpath_buttons-course-description
during the growing season (April-October).

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