Cultivating Community Herbalism: Building upon First-Level courses, Cultivating Community Herbalism interweaves tools and knowledge of Western, Chinese and Native American healing traditions and herbs to explore major health issues of our culture and time. The year-long flagship course offers essential skills and training for caring for and educating others about their health, and developing skills to become active community herbalists.

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Pre-requisites for Second-Level Program: Students must complete First-Level requirements and have an interview before being admitted to Second Level. Second Level Certificate Program Requirements: Students following the certificate program track must successfully complete the following courses to become eligible to move on to the Third Level:

Level 2 Curriculum | Cultivating Community Herbalism

  DOTPrinciples and Practice of Herbal Medicine:

           (Indoor year-long flagship course)                                                                     Clearpath_buttons-course-description

DOTMateria Medica:

           Indoor course offered four times per year (3 Wed., 5:30-8:30PM)                 Clearpath_buttons-course-description            Certificate students must complete four units.

DOTDiagnostic Skills:

           Students must take one diagnostic skills class.                                                Clearpath_buttons-course-description

DOTHerbal Preparations:

           Students must complete two herbal preparations classes.                            Clearpath_buttons-course-description            (Indoor half-day classes)

DOTWildcrafting Immersion:

           Students must participate regularly during wildcrafting season                    Clearpath_buttons-course-description            (Outdoor & ongoing from April to November)

DOTSeasonal Habitat, Sensory Awareness Walks:

           Students must attend at least half of the scheduled walks.                           Clearpath_buttons-course-description            (Outdoor classes)

DOTPlant Attunement:

           Students must attend at least half of the yearly scheduled classes.              Clearpath_buttons-course-description            (Outdoor & indoor class offered once per month.)

DOTClearpath Gardens:

           Students must regularly attend Monday group garden work day                  Clearpath_buttons-course-description            during the growing season (April-October)

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