Cultivating the Healer Within through Community Herbalism & Earth Stewardship

Growing a Community of Herbalists

Cultivating the Clearpath Herbals Medicine Gardens

Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine

is dedicated to making herbalism a household word, and to educating a new and growing generation of community and clinical herbalists, through classes and programs that explore the profound richness and diversity of medicinal plants, human health, and the world we live in and share. Whether outdoors among the plants in the rural beauty of Western Massachusetts, or in the classroom, or (soon-to-be) on-line format, Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine offers comprehensive herbal and holistic knowledge and skills for personal well-being as well as for aspiring community and clinical herbalists.  

Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine embraces matters of human mind, spirit, and the emotional heart, in addition to an emphasis on physical anatomy and physiology. We also explore plants and their intrinsic personalities and virtues as deeply and conscientiously as we explore people. At CSHM we treat plants as much more than chemical constituents utilized for human needs — plants are whole, sentient beings, imbued with the spirit that moves through all things; this central Native American understanding is one that Clearpath strongly adheres to. Healing modalities that do not place spirit at the center – let alone downplay it or ignore it altogether – are hollow at their core and fall short of fully being able to help people on their healing journey.

Clearpath Herbals is the ongoing and evolving vision of Chris Marano, herbalist and educator. With self cultivation and stewardship at the foundation of this vision, Clearpath Herbals seeks to bring the very best of herbal education and healthcare service to the public. Clearpath Herbals offers a school, holistic healthcare, and products.

(For more on Chris’s educational philosophy and class offerings, see About Chris, Clearpath Medicine Gardens, Wildcrafting, and the School page).

Clearpath Herbals health-care service, as provided by Chris Marano and his staff, treats the entire person — the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The winning recipe is simple: Honoring clients and their health story, making challenging health concepts easy to understand, offering practical and inspirational guidance in areas of lifestyle, nutrition, and herbal medicines, and providing the very best in-house, custom-blended herbal remedies to help affect positive healing change.

(For more on Chris Marano’s philosophy, see About Chris and Healthcare Services).

Clearpath Herbals remedies and products are of the highest caliber harvested largely from Clearpath Medicine Gardens or gathered in their natural environments by a crew trained in the art of conscientious wildcrafting. Plants and mushrooms are transformed into potent herbal medicinals that constitute an apothecary of over three hundred tinctures (extracts), from which high-quality, custom-blended and stock formulas are made available to clients.

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