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Our Mission

Chris Marano RH (AHG), MA, BS, is a community herbalist of Western, Chinese, and Native American healing traditions, offering clinical health consultations and custom-blended herbal preparations for people seeking guidance on the path to wellness. Chris is also founder, director, and head educator of Clearpath Herbals, a school and center dedicated to the teaching and integration of holism, herbal medicine, and Earth-based wisdom.

Clearpath Herbals Offers:

  • Courses and certificate programs for enthusiasts, serious students, and full apprentices focusing on holism, plant medicine, and Earth-based wisdom.
  • Diverse and extensive medicine gardens for education, production, and research. A hundred acres of farm, field, forest and stream located in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.
  • On-going workshops, classes, walks and consulting services for the general public, institutions and organizations.

Summer at Clearpath Herbal’s Gardens

Clearpath GardensMondays are my favorite day of the week! That’s when I get to play all day with students and apprentices in Clearpath Medicine Gardens at Brook’s Bend Farm in Montague, MA. Friend and colleague, Adam Barnard, of Local Harmony, is the guy who helps to make it all possible. Over the last few years we have watched the gardens grow -- from sleeping to creeping to leaping – and now we get to be amazed every time we walk the paths between the beds. The gardens themselves are medicine, and it fills all of us with awe knowing that this brilliant and abundant beauty will help to keep us healthy, balanced and vital through the seasons.  

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